Apple shocks everyone again, unveils OS 10.9 “Mountain Lion S”

Today, Apple unveiled an even newer version of their operating system than the one they announced only days ago. The newest version, dubbed “Mountain Lion S,” features marginal performance improvements and enhanced support for certain hardware accessories that don’t currently exist.

Apple’s OS X team is facing legal troubles however, as the iOS team has filed a lawsuit over several patents violated by OS X’s previous, still-unreleased version, Mountain Lion. The patents in question include those covering Notification Center, Reminders, and other features taken from iOS 5. The iOS team isn’t the only group with a claim against the OS X team, though.

Samsung is also suing Apple for violating their patent on releasing several hundred new versions of the same thing in the same month. Samsung is also suing over the naming of multiple versions Apple’s OS, including Mountain Lion S, Mountain Lion S II, and the iPad- and iPhone-compatible Mountain Lion S II Touch.

Samsung are also suing over the space-themed names of future OS X versions which have been announced by Apple in an attempt to unify their names with the various space-themes elements and terms within the OS, such as the desktop images, Time Machine interface, Mission Control, and Launchpad. Those future names include OS X Galaxy, OS X Galaxy S, OS X Galaxy S II, OS X Galaxy S II II, and OS X Galaxy S II Touch, which are all scheduled to be released over the next few weeks.

Lawyers for the OS X team went on the record earlier today as saying they may be “really screwed,” and that OS X team members “might want to start considering other job opportunities.” In a statement to the New York Times, Tim Cook said nothing because everyone knows he hates the New York Times. He did give an actual statement to DigiTimes though, saying, “lolwut.”