Microsoft Office for iPad pricing scheme leaked

There’s a feud going on between The Daily and Microsoft right now. The Daily claims they’ve seen Office for iPad. Microsoft denies it exists. Today, a source inside Microsoft was able to confirm that the software is coming and give us the following pricing information.

The Office app cost $499.99 and will come with the Starter Edition of Office for iPad. In this edition, Word will not allow text formatting, Excel will limit you to 10×10 spreadsheets, and PowerPoint will only allow you to create a three-slide presentation. If you need more than that, you have a few options.

The Student Edition may be purchased via in-app purchase for an additional $199.99. It offers bold, underline and italics support in Word, an additional 5 cells in both directions in Excel, and an extra two slides per presentation in PowerPoint.

If that’s not enough for you, the Home Edition, available as a $299.99 in-app purchase regardless of which previous updates you’ve purchased, will allow you to apply paragraph formatting in Word, give you the ability to create functions in Excel, and let you export your PowerPoint presentations as lossy jpg images for emailing.

Still not enough? The Professional Edition will let you type multiple pages in Word (something no smaller edition will do), give you a whopping 20×20 cells in Excel, and allow you to play your PowerPoint presentations on the device. The Professional Edition will be $699.99 regardless of previous updates.

If you’re really not happy with that, you may want to try the $899.99 Premiere Edition, which will let you type up to ten pages in Word, unlock a 30×30 Excel sheet, and allow you to add images to your PowerPoint presentations.

Still not happy? The $999.99 Platinum Edition upgrade will unlock unlimited pages in Word, unlimited Excel sheets, and full presentation capabilities.

The final version, the Platinum Deluxe Edition, will allow you to email files to other devices, send them to your computer via iTunes, or upload them to Office365. This update will cost you $1,299.99.

AirPrint support and iCloud syncing will not be available in Office for iPad at launch, and our source confirms there are no plans to add them.