Concept: GoldenRules

This is my solution to the whole “my iPhone and Mac go off at the same time when I get a Twitter message” problem.

First, there are two clients needed. One on the Mac and one on the iPhone. On the Mac, you pick which app is your Twitter client. Then you do the same thing on the iPhone version side.

Then, when you’re on the same Wi-Fi network on both devices (or Bluetooth, or something, I don’t know, whatever is technically possible), the Mac tells the iPhone whether or not your Twitter app is running. If your Mac Twitter app is running, the iPhone tweak blocks all incoming notifications from your iOS Twitter app of choice.

Your iPhone will no longer keep buzzing when you get Twitter mentions in your Mac app.

The same principle can probably be applied to iMessages, although stopping only iMessage and not regular SMS notifications may be a little harder.

This can be extended to increase your productivity, too. You can set any app as the “twitter app” in the Mac client. You can also set any app (or apps) to mute on the iPhone when the Mac app is running. That means if you want to block all incoming Twitter notifications, text messages/iMessages, and Facebook notifications when you open Final Cut Pro on your Mac to work on a project, you can. The possibilities are endless.

The idea behind the name is simple: the tweak lets you set rules to silence your phone, and silence, as the saying goes, is golden.