Content is King

I don’t know if you guys noticed or not, but Apple is kind of rich. You may also know they’re kind of maybe possibly making a TV. And everyone knows you can’t have a TV without content. So where does the content come from? Previously I posted about how I think the Apple TV ecosystem might work. But then I had a different idea.

Apple has a ton of money. They can serve up iAds in the Apple TV interface. They can make lots of money. In the past, I speculated that people might subscribe to shows for a fee. But then I realized how rich Apple is. And I realized that if you had to subscribe even to shows from NBC, ABC, CBS, and other networks that make their own content available for free on their own websites, it would be cheaper (actually, free) to watch pretty much all of the best shows on TV. Who would pay a monthly fee to subscribe to a show they could just watch online? Then it hit me. Apple is super rich. They could afford to pay ridiculous licensing fees to content providers and absorb the cost to end users. They could make profit from the iAds, put that money into licensing the content from providers, and provide the content subscriptions for free.

Could you imagine what kind of crazy revolution they would spark if you could watch all of your shows for free, with minimally invasive iAds in the letterbox every few minutes? Or incorporated into the content somehow? Watch anything for free. TV would never be the same. All the content you can stream on your computer is now available on your TV. Apple absorbs the cost, offsets that with the iAd revenue, and you have what could be a pretty good recipe for success. As far as getting advertisers interested, who wouldn’t want to pay to be part of Apple’s latest revolution? Think about it. What advertiser is going to say, “No, we don’t think Apple can change this industry. We don’t think they can turn huge profits. We can’t see how advertising on an Apple platform would really benefit us”?

TV needs to change. Content is king. It’s time to Think Different.