Concept: SmallBar

This is an overhaul of iOS 5’s notification banners. Currently they get in the way of buttons in most apps, and while they’re not nearly as bad as the alert popups in iOS 1-4, the new ones do have their pitfalls. SmallBar (yes, that’s a play on CallBar by Josh Tucker and Elias Limneos) is designed to completely get rid of the current issues.

This is what the default iOS 5 banners look like. Notice how they cover part of the app’s header, where buttons for composing, canceling, and navigating the app usually are. This makes it tough to hit the part of the button that’s expose without tapping the banner and leaving the app. It’s kind of annoying.

This is what SmallBar looks like. All it does is bump off the regular status bar content and hijack the status bar for displaying text. I will admit the body text should probably be a little bigger, but it’s late and I don’t feel like playing with it any more tonight.