My RadioShack write-up

I worked for RadioShack for about a year from the summer of 2011 to the summer of 2012, and I would absolutely never encourage anyone to work there. I was planning on doing a really long post about working there, and maybe at some point in the future I will, but for now, you can have a look at a write-up I received from my district manager after I failed to live up to RadioShack’s idiotically high sales standards. (I call them “idiotically high” because there’s no real way to meet their standards when we would only get twenty customers on a good day.)

And I don’t care how he justified it, the last paragraph was especially insulting. At my previous job in the electronics department of a small department store, I had brought more money in sales than the cashiers at the front of the store on some days. I had customers come in and say they would never buy a Mac, then walk out with an iMac. That happened more than once. The problem is that at RadioShack, they expected me to peddle garbage on top of other garbage.

I did actually consider getting the book and reading it in the back room while on the clock every day just to spite the district manager. My coworkers were all in support of it, and the manager wouldn’t have cared. I just didn’t want to spend the money on the book.

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