New York Times: Twitter preparing massive overhaul of Mac app

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The New York Times reports that Twitter is preparing a “massive overhaul” of their first-party application for Mac computers. This leads many to believe that someone at Twitter opened their computer and remembered the client actually does exist and should probably be updated to include features that every other Twitter client, including the actual website, have had for pretty much ever. Sources inside Twitter also say that “it will probably have some bug fixes or whatever, and we might just redo the whole thing since the current one is kinda stupid,” according to the report.

In recent months, Twitter has been highly criticized for neglecting its Mac application to the point that it doesn’t even use Twitter’s own photo sharing service, which has been in other mainstream software for over a year. An overhaul is just what Twitter needs to remind people why they switched to other clients to begin with.

“By bringing users’ attention back to the official client, we can remind them of all of the terrible user experience problems they are missing out on by switching away from Twitter for Mac,” said Ben Sandofsky, the man in charge of making sure Twitter for Mac is just crappy enough to ruin the entire app while having enough cool animations to keep most people happy.

According to the New York Times, Twitter for Mac version 2.0 will launch alongside the Mac App Store, which will come to Macs running OS X 10.6.7 later this year.

Update: Sorry guys, the New York Times was off by over a year with their reporting once again. Apparently this stuff already happened and isn’t really relevant anymore. Don’t get excited.