Easy Cydia links are here (sort of, almost) — Updated

UPDATE: Saurik emailed me about thirteen hours after this post when live and told me that he had read my suggestion to add a similar service to Cydia. Effective immediately, all cydia.saurik.com links will include a button to open the tweak/theme in Cydia when viewed on the iPhone. To try this out for yourself, tap here on your iOS device.

The post below is being left intact for archival purposes. I guess I should also mention that I planned to turn this into an affiliate system where you would be able to post links that contained a special code and you’d get Google Adsense revenue from each time someone viewed the “This will open Cydia” page. Oh well, guess that won’t happen now.

The original post is below the page break.

Note: this thing was built last night. It may not be perfect. Consider it a ‘beta’ service. I don’t even know how it looks on the iPad, but I imagine it’s probably not good. Sorry. I don’t have an iPad to test on. I’ll fix it later. Same for iPhone in landscape. Rest assured that I’ll get a domain name for this service if you guys like it and use it regularly so you don’t have to always share links with my name. 😉

Until this is integrated with Cydia, it will be up to developers to add sharing links to their own package depiction. I’ve made that easier with a link at the bottom.

Currently if you want to link to a tweak in Cydia, it’s not like linking to something in the App Store. To form a Cydia link, you basically have to already know how to format Cydia’s URL scheme. You also have to deal with the fact that sharing those links is a massive pain, especially on Twitter. You see, Twitter refuses to “link-ify” anything they think isn’t a real URL. It’s entirely up to them whether or not Cydia links are clickable. Your favorite Twitter app can’t make them clickable because Twitter won’t allow them to (it’s in the Twitter rules, seriously).

So for now, the easiest way to share Cydia tweaks on Twitter is to just type out the name of it and expect people to search for it. That’s kind of annoying. I’m trying to fix that. Actually, for the most part, I’ve already fixed it.

The last thing that needs to happen before Cydia links are as easy to share on Twitter as a photo is for saurik to integrate my creation into Cydia.

What I’ve created is a website that automatically creates Twitter-friendly links out of Cydia links. Currently, it’s not nearly as useful as it could be. Like I said, the last remaining step is for saurik or someone with access to the private Cydia repository to add in a button that copies these links to your clipboard (or more usefully, opens a Share Sheet to share these links) directly to the package view in Cydia.

If you want to give it a try, here are a few links you can test it on. (In case you’re totally oblivious, opening these on your computer will do nothing because they’re Cydia links, and you don’t have Cydia on your computer. Open them on your jailbroken iOS device.)

These links no longer work. Please see the update at the top of the post.

New Twitter Bird for OpenNotifier



Currently the service lives at pkg.mikebeas.com, but I’ll move it to it’s own shorter/catchier domain if it gains enough traction.

If you want to create one of these links on the fly, it’s pretty easy. The format is pkg.mikebeas.com/YOUR.BUNDLE.ID. If you’re a developer who wants to quickly tweet a link to something you made, you’ll know the bundle ID off the top of your head. If you’re a user who just wants to share something you like, you probably won’t know that off the top of your head. That’s why you guys should be pushing to have this integrated into Cydia: so you don’t have to know that stuff.

If you guys like this idea, use it a lot, tell me that you like it and you’re glad it exists, and tell saurik you want it added into Cydia. Besides, I’ve already done the heavy lifting. He’s just gotta add the “share” button and call it a day. 😉

I also have a few experiments I’ll be doing with this service over the next few weeks that might turn into something even more interesting… but you’ll just have to wait and see about that.

Want to add a quick-sharing button to your existing Cydia package?

Add the following URL as an item on your depiction and give it a title like “Share on Twitter.” When your users tap the button in the depiction, they’ll be asked to login to Twitter and then presented with a pre-filled tweet to share. You’ll need to add your package ID in place of the red text below. No special formatting is needed for that. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can change the blue text to change the body of the tweet. Repos are also welcome to automatically create these for their submissions.


You may want to change the blue text to include your tweak’s name, like this: Check+out+YOUR-APP-HERE+on+Cydia

An example setup for MMI:

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 10.17.41 AM


Results in this when tapped in Cydia:photoThis tweet will be properly linked in every Twitter client and on the web. No more of those crappy cydia:// links that you have to copy and paste into Safari or whatever.