Review: Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze

Earlier this month, Taco Bell released an all-new take on their exclusive Mountain Dew flavor, “Baja Blast,” which has been a longtime fan-favorite. Not only is Baja Blast the only thing I drink when I go to Taco Bell, but it’s the only flavor of Mountain Dew I actually enjoy.

So, does the Baja Blast Freeze live up to the reputation of its liquid variety? Keep reading for the full rundown on this frozen treat.

First impression
The first thing I noticed upon receiving my Baja Blast Freeze is that it looks like nothing more than frozen Baja Blast. That’s probably because it actually is nothing more than frozen Baja Blast. Still, the soda is amazing, and you should expect no less from the frozen version. It tastes exactly like you would imagine. That’s a good thing.

Everyday usage
During my testing, I found that there was an issue with the consistency of the drink. For the most part it stayed fairly solid, but during the fifteen minute car ride home, it did start to melt a little. That made the cup look much emptier than it was when I first got it, despite the fact that I had consumed only a small portion of it. (The images in this post are from much later. It didn’t get that low just from melting.)

When I reached the last eighth of the drink, it got much harder to use a straw. I ended up having to remove the lid and drink it that way. This last part was not as tasty as the rest had been, and honestly lacked almost any flavor at all. It was a mildly disappointing end to what was otherwise a delicious frozen treat.

I also discovered that the Baja Blast Freeze is very difficult to use in landscape mode. While I’m sure this isn’t the intended mode of consumption, it would be a nice option to have.

Taco Bell’s decision to release a frozen drink in the winter is also a curious move. I probably won’t buy one again until the summer. I’m sure there are many people who still like to drink cold beverages in the winter, but I feel that a big opportunity was missed by not waiting to release this at a more appropriate time later in the year.

Regardless of the bizarre timing, the drink is very good. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it was better than the original—few things ever truly are—but for what it is, I think Taco Bell did a good job.

The Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze is available now at Taco Bell locations nationwide. It costs $2.29 for the regular model, though the pro (or “large”) version, which comes in a larger cup, will cost you a little bit more. If you like Baja Blast and don’t have the time or willpower to freeze your own, you’ll love it.