Apple issues apology for lack of iOS Daylight Savings bugs, promises correction

Tim Cook published an apology on Apple’s website today addressing widespread criticism of the iPhone’s lack of Daylight Savings-related bugs.

To our customers,

At Apple, we strive to create amazing products that integrate so deeply into the lives of those who use them that a simple timekeeping error could lead to riots in the streets of San Francisco (not that it takes much to do that).

I believe that we failed to do so with our latest iOS update, and I would like to apologize.

I awoke this morning to reports that iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad had failed to function improperly following the Daylight Savings time change that took place last night. This is outside of the behavior that most users have come to expect from our products.

To address this issue, we will be releasing an update to iOS shortly which will re-enable these problems.

Once again, on behalf of everyone at Apple, I apologize for this significant oversight. I sincerely hope that we can regain some of the trust that we lost today.

Tim Cook
Apple’s CEO

The iOS update mentioned in the letter is already available for all iOS 6 devices. The change log is below.

iOS 6.1.3 addresses the follow issues:

– Corrects an issue where iPhone could handle Daylight Savings without any problems

– Introduces several new bugs for the end of Daylight Savings

iOS 6.1.3 is recommended for all users.

The release means that Apple will once again have to rename the current iOS beta. It had previously been called “iOS 6.1.2,” but following an emergency bug fix release, it was renamed “iOS 6.1.3.” It seems that Apple will once again be forced to bump the version number if this beta to 6.1.4.