An update on the “Make Mike Update to iOS 7” charity campaign

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If you have no idea what this post is about, please read this first.

After waiting to ensure that any remaining Indiegogo fees that needed to be refunded had been added to my PayPal account, I headed over to the charity: water website today and contributed my entire PayPal account balance.

I realize the amount listed above is quite a bit lower than what appeared on the Indiegogo funding page. This is because Indiegogo keeps a portion of all funding raised through that service. At first they withhold a higher percentage for some campaigns and refund a portion of that one the campaign is successful. The process can take a few weeks to complete, so I waited several weeks before making the donation to ensure everything was correct. In the event that they refund any additional money to my PayPal account a bit late, I will do a follow-up donation with the rest of the money.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign. I’d especially like to thank the anonymous donor who used the name Scott Forstall to donate the initial $500. Together we raised exactly $968.13 for to help bring clean water to a community that needs it somewhere halfway across the world.

As for the iOS 7 side of things, I did update my phone as soon as the $500 goal was reached and went an entire week without complaining about the horrible design issues that plague the OS when we hit the $1,000 mark.