Small town left reeling following horrific discovery at local home


Residents in the tiny town of Butler, Oklahoma were shocked Monday night when thirty one-year-old Jake Wallace was arrested. Police say they were called to the house after two of Wallace’s friends made a shocking discovery in his kitchen.

Wallace was holding a small party with some friends in his home to celebrate the long President’s Day weekend when police say things got out of hand.

Chris Peterson, 32, entered Wallace’s kitchen to refill his drink. That’s when he says he was “sickened” by what he found. “I couldn’t believe what I had discovered,” he told reporters. “It was horrible. I’ve never seen anything like that. I just had to get out of there.”

Peterson fled the scene, but not before telling his brother, Alex, what he had seen. It was Alex who called police before leaving the party with Chris. Alex later told a neighbor that what he had seen was “so messed up that he couldn’t even think about it.”

What police found when they arrived was beyond anything they had ever seen, according to police commissioner Ralph King. In a statement given to the press outside of Wallace’s home, King said, “In the past we’ve dealt with a few nutjobs that got a carried away, but this is something on a whole different level.”

According the police report, officers on the scene discovered that the pizza Wallace had served his guests was in fact DiGiorno, not delivery, as they had been lead to believe.

News of the incident traveled quickly in the small town, which has a population of less than 300.

“What kind of sick, twisted individual does it take to let people eat something frozen and tell them it came from a pizza shop?” asked neighbor Doug Stanton.

Others, such as Wallace’s longtime friend Regina Brant, were concerned that he may have tried a similar trick on them. “I ate at his house. I’ve eaten pizza with him. Now who knows what he was feeding me? Could it have been DiGiorno? At this point I think I’d rather not know.”

Robert and Cynthia Wallace, Jake’s parents, were shocked by the news. “He was always so quiet as a child. I never would have believed he was capable of something like this,” his mother told us.

Police are still working through the crime scene, but tell us that so far they have confirmed the presence of at least three DiGiorno pizza boxes. Wallace has been booked on charges of fraud.